A note on Loos!

You might be wondering, if we’re in a field, what’s the deal with facilities??
Whilst not the most glamorous aspect of a wedding, we did just want to let people know – especially those considering camping/glamping, that we have their needs met!!

At the event itself …

We will have a 2+1 luxury unit, suitable for up to 200 people, with hot running water, mirrors and lights…

2+1 Luxury toilet

In the glamping field ..


We intend to additionally have (Even though it’s only about a 3 minute walk to the other loo! ) closer facilities to hand for those who’ve had one beer to many and find themselves with a middle-of-the-night need!


portable toilets


So worry not, and get your glamping booked!

Dave and Naomi x

Almost about to invite you all!

Well, after a painstaking evening of several beers, we’ve pretty much finished this little site and have our draft invite ready to go out as well! Now all’s to do is get them printed, and hopefully we’ll start seeing some RSVPs in sooner rather than later!

Looking forward to it already…


Brewery Dilemma!

It’s a hard life having so many brilliant local Breweries around us …

With less than a year to go, clearly the most important logistical decision we have is to determine who is bringing us our Kegs of Beer!

So in the last few months, and the next few months, and the few months after that – we’ve been touring local breweries. There are options in Thame, Marlow, Windsor and Henley – some of you might be able to guess where in Henley – and have started thinking about just how much stock we might need.

…There are probably more stressful aspects of wedding planning, more important decisions, but I personally feel that getting this one exactly right really is key…