Dave and Naomi


Dave and Naomi met at the 18th Birthday party of Dave’s future brother in-law, Jason. Sorry again Jason. Though it was 18 months or so between that meeting and our first beer together, in the Junction (Harrow) – whilst (in our biased opinion) it was actually, a (vaguely) good pub…

We have now been together for over ten years.

We have grown up together during that time, from angst-ridden (In Dave’s case at least) teenagers to adults (arguably, potentially, maybe) who now own a home together and are looking to the future (…of commitment free holidays!!!).

Thus, Dave confirmed that logic dictated the thing to do was be married: Ten years being a nice, round, reasonable, OCD friendly number at which to pop the engagement question.

We do not take for granted that we have both only ever been together, are still madly in love, and are very happy to commit to this forever being the case. We hope you will join us to celebrate this commitment, which we’d like to toast in a way befitting of us – with a bunch of beers…

Below is a completely regular picture of Dave and Naomi: