8 week countdown: Sunday news, accommodation bookings due and views on the giftlist. Oh! And Frockery!

‘ello all!

With just 7 weeks to go until our wedding it’s time for a multifaceted update!

Sunday Needs!


Well, being less than an expert at planning a wedding, it’s dawned on me that I may have made a most grievous, egregious even, error on the RSVP forms everyone has lovingly filled out. That is – everyone who’s attending Sunday: We’ve no idea if you’re back for Breakfast Sunday morning or not.

If you’re in a Hotel – it makes sense that you may not be, but I don’t have numbers for that! So this needs ironing out sharpish. After all, Bacon is at stake here…

So there is now – a unique and exciting – breakfast button! The link is here:

Breakfast Button!

Well I’m glad that’s out of the way!


Accommodation Bookings!


Next up! And a little less complicated… If you’ve not yet told us you’re camping in your own tent, could you do so as soon as possible by booking in?  This will ‘bag’ you (You’ll see what I did there in a second) some water, a Torch, some freshening up wipes and a bin bag! Exciting news! If we don’t know about you, we won’t have one for you. So do please book in if this is you!

Oh, and if you haven’t booked a Tipi yet but do plan to, what on earth are you waiting for? Barry has warned us that he’s not got many left… Make it so!

As an aside, the Hotels in the area are becoming quite light on rooms, what with the ‘fest being the same weekend as a Jamie Oliver food thingy, and Towersey festival. So if you’re planning a Hotel booking, please don’t leave it too late! A list of Hotels is on the accommodation section of the website.


Our HoneyFund page is now live!


Next then, thank you so much again to everyone who has RSVP’d. If you have, you’ll possibly also be aware of our Giftlist page, which was set to go live on the 1st of July.

For those who are wishing to very kindly give us something: This has now been put live, so if you want to have a look at the kind of misadventures you can send us on – feel free to mosey over!  As an aside, if you don’t like any of our thoughts on the matter there is also a gift voucher option, which gives you the chance to tell us what to spend your generous gifts on. If at all possible we’ll do as you say, and gather pictorial evidence of the same, so here’s your chance to see Dave even more embarrassed than he will be whilst trying to give a Speech…

HoneyFund: http://wedding.davehayward.co.uk/giftlist 


A Frocking Good Time!

1f894dcb-be74-4e07-8ecf-93b18b29d631One thing we’ve been asked a bunch of times is, it’s an outdoor wedding in a field! What should we wear?

Our advice is this:

The wedding party will be in traditional wedding fair; smart (As smart as Dave can get)! Blokes in shirts and trousers, woman in dresses, traditional wedding! But! All we ask of all of our guests is to ‘dress to impress’. No blue jeans or trainers!  So trousers, dresses, shirts, that kind of thing. You can always dress down a little later on.

Dave has tried to have special words with his Dad about wearing camouflage or having more than 10 holes in his jumper. Only time will tell.

A final thing here, is shoes! As a mostly outdoor event on grass, Stilletos are not highly recommended. Wider heeled high heels will be fine unless it’s torrential rain (Here’s hoping… Err… Not)..

OK then!

Open Mic Sunday


On Sunday, for a few hours across the afternoon – we’ll be running an open mic / jam session. Got an instrument you would like to bring along? Do so! We’ve got a 12 channel mixer and 4 mics as things stand, so acoustic or electric there’s cover. It sounds like we’re going to have drums, a couple of guitars, maybe even some keys. There’s a few talented musicians across our friends, so whilst those less of a mind drink plenty of our remaining beer supplies, this is a chance for a jam.

If you’ve any questions about this, what to bring, what we might need, drop Naomi an email, whatsapp, etc. It’s her gig, so to speak.

Dave wants to intersperse this session with 2 themed playlists,  “Davestock” and “Ravey Dave’s Rave Hour” respectively. So far, he isn’t allowed…




And finally…


I know what anyone who’s ever worked with Dave is thinking: “By Christ does that guy ramble on in an email!” And you’re probably right! So thanks for sticking with this, thanks for attending our wedding in advance, and thanks so much full stop for being a part of our lives and wanting to share this day with us. See you on the day, but more importantly thereafter in the bar and on the dancefloor! Oh! And on that, some of the song choices have been truly ridiculous. You know who you people are! But we’ll do what we can to accommodate ‘many’ of them..
See you on August 26th from 12:00!

Dave and Naomi

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