Welcome to D N Hayfest 2017

Dave and Naomi are getting married! But for us, as important as the vows will be the way we handle the party to follow. Musts for us include:

  • Good Beer
  • Good Food
  • Good Company
  • Good Music ( questionable, Naomi does like a bit of the Bieber with enough alcohol … )
  • Bullet pointed lists…
  • The outdoors

To get what we, and hopefully all of you, want from our day – we have decided to do things our way…

So welcome one and all to D N Hayfest 2017, a celebration of our love, in a field, with beer, food, music, tents, and probably a mighty hangover (Just a polite heads up).

We feel that weddings are always over far too soon, and because this is a once in a lifetime event for us: We want to make the most of the opportunity and host a party to remember.

As such, this party doesn’t finish at midnight. It’s very rare to have everyone close to you in the same place at the same time, and it would be fantastic to extend that out across a fantastic bank holiday weekend. We hope you will join us for not only the day itself on Saturday, but also if you can, through Sunday, departing on Monday.

For more information on us, the event itself, and the accommodation options available, please check out the respective pages by following the links above.


We look forward to welcoming you to the D N Hayfest 2017!

Dave and Naomi x